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coca cola facebook ad campagin sucess story through Nelson brand effect- Their Story-Open Happiness Coca-Cola is the leading beverage company in India, with an unmatched portfolio of beverages. It owns brands like Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Thums Up, Fanta, Limca, Sprite, Maaza and Minute Maid. It distributes them through a network of over 2 million outlets…

It’s not your imagination. Google’s results have changed since the beginning of this month, and Google’s officially confirmed to Search Engine Land that this is due to a change with how it assesses content quality. Call it “The Quality Update,” if you will. Earlier this month, some publishers began noticing changes to Google’s search results. We had asked Google if this due to a Panda Update or any other type of update, but Google replied no. Since then, more reports came in, with the change even being dubbed the “Phantom Update” because something did seem to have happened, even if Google wasn’t acknowledging it. Now Google has. After more follow-up this week, the company told Search Engine Land that while no spam-related update had happened, there were changes to its core ranking algorithm in terms of how it processes quality signals. When we previously asked Google if there were any updates at all, this is the type of thing that would have been covered in our question. Even if it was an update to the core algorithm, rather than one of the filters like Panda or Penguin, it’s still an “update” in the sense of producing noticeable change. Now that it is confirmed, we’re dubbing it the Quality Update. Google wouldn’t provide specifics about how quality is now assessed. We know from past statements by Google that quality for a particular page or site is determined by a wide range of individual factors. It could be that Google is now weighting some of those factors more and others less. As usual with a major update, it’s those who have been harmed with less visibility by the update that have spoken up. Most notably, Hubpages did a post and suggested that Google was somehow targeting “How To” or informational sites. However, even that post has examples of informational sites that have gained visibility. I’ve also seen reports from a wide array of sites such as credit loan and news sites that have reported by declining and gaining visibility. That aligns with what Google also said. The update didn’t go after any particular class of sites or any particular sites. It was an update to the overall ranking algorithm itself. If you’re trying to assess how to perhaps improve your quality, if you were hit, you might review Google’s post from 2011. While written for those impacted by the Panda Update, it actually covers quality in general. Google also shares a bit about quality here. So, no – if you saw ranking changes earlier this month, you are not alone. Sadly, we don’t have any specific advice to give you outside of Google continues to make algorithmic changes to improve the quality of their search results. So keep focusing on building out a better web site, aimed at your users and overall quality.

Digital marketing? How to begain individual? Digital marketing is a lucrative and popular market to get in. In the United States alone, the industry is worth over $62 billion. Many people have aspirations of running their own companies. And digital marketing is an industry scores of individuals are keen to start in. Does this sound like something you would like to do as well? If so, today’s blog post will serve as a primer on the topic. By following these expert hints and tips, you can ensure that your new venture will have the best start possible. Here is what you need to know: Industry insight First off, I recommend spending some time gaining commercial experience in the industry. That means getting a job working for what will become one of your competitors in business. The sad truth is that many folks start off their marketing agencies with little to no real industry experience. If you do this, you will make life difficult for yourself. Why? There are a few reasons why this is so. When you work for another company, you learn about the good and bad points of the business. It’s crucial knowledge that you can only gain working elsewhere. And that information is useful because it helps you to avoid making the same mistakes they do. Another reason is skill. When you start in a new industry, you will need to “learn the ropes” as it were. Industry newbies won’t have much skill apart from what they might have gained in college and university. It’s always good to have real-life exposure to the day-to-day running of an established agency. Apart from gaining valuable skills and knowledge, you also get to know the movers and shakers in the industry. These are the people that can help guide you and your new business. They are at the forefront of the latest industry news. They can tell you what’s hot, and what’s not! Don’t do it just for the money OK, we all know that one of the reasons anybody starts a new business is because they want to make some cash! Still, money shouldn’t be the sole driving force to justify starting a new enterprise. People that are driven just by money often fail in business. They tend to make massive errors of judgement. Their decisions are often based on short-term gain rather than keeping their clients happy. The latter being something that will lead to long-term profit! Look at all the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. I guarantee you that each of those people put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get where they are today. Yes, they are all wealthy and successful. But many of those people started out from nothing. The common factor among all successful entrepreneurs is that they believed in what they were doing. They also feel they have what it takes to build a business from nothing. If you start a digital marketing agency because you want to get rich before you’re 40, stop right now! But if you’re prepared to stick around for the long haul, you will enjoy the benefits that running your own business can offer. And that includes earning a decent living! Don’t become “yet another SEO expert” The thing about digital marketing is that there is more to it than just knowing how to please Google. Your job is to work with clients to offer a full range of value-added services. For example, let’s say that you’ve got a customer who doesn’t have an online presence. You could offer web design, hosting, copywriting and marketing services. The thing that should set you apart from your competitors is how you can look after potential customers. The people that come to you are often those with little knowledge of online marketing. They might ask for your help with a digital marketing campaign. But what if their existing website isn’t fit for purpose and needs a redesign? A useful marketing agency would point this out to their clients and explain why they need a new site. For the most part, those clients will then be happy to have a new website. That’s because, in that case, it’s the only way to achieve a satisfactory result for their new marketing campaign. Make your business great for employees too You might have what it takes to sell your services to prospective clients. What about the people that will work for you to make that happen? All too often I see marketing agencies treat their staff with disdain. Let’s be honest; digital marketing is an industry where many people work under pressure to meet deadlines. Still, that doesn’t give company bosses an excuse to treat workers without any respect. That’s why it’s important the company you create is friendly and approachable to all. The good news is that business owners are starting to realize how increasing staff morale boosts productivity. The other week I was reading a blog post from a guy called Dave Conklin. He works for an agency called Today’s Growth Consultant. When I was reading Dave’s thoughts about Today’s Growth Consultant, he gave an account of what life is like working for a good agency. You need to make sure that your new digital marketing agency is like TGC if you want to impress your clients and keep your staff happy. Be a leader, not a follower There are no hard and fast rules to “good” digital marketing. The result you must produce for your clients is one where they benefit from increased brand awareness and turnover. That’s not to say you should adopt any “black hat SEO” practices, of course! I guess what I’m trying to say is that your new firm should think outside of the box when devising new online marketing strategies. Don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all policy for all your customers. Some projects demand quirky, unconventional methods to make an impact with target audiences. Others are perhaps a bit more simpler to set up. Be a shining example to other would-be marketing agencies!

10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Facebook SOCIAL MEDIA 10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Facebook 2 NOV , 2015 A few years back, business will not have needed any social media presence to interact with the customers and showcase their services, but now it is Vital. Any business should consider Social Media has potential platforms to pitch their business and increase the branding. There are certain important Social Media platforms that have to be taken into consideration, in which Facebook can’t be ignored. Facebook is having the most potential market and day by day competition is increasing and also becoming difficult to stand out from the crowd. If your business is still not present on Facebook, don’t think much and take an action. Some of the business owners still think how Facebook can benefit them. Following statistics would state the importance of Facebook for every business. Worldwide, there are over 1.49 billion monthly active users 1.31 billion active mobile users 4.5 billion Likes are generated every day 968 million people login to Facebook daily Average time spent for every visit on Facebook is 20 minutes 300 million photos are uploaded per day Smartphone users check Facebook for about 14 times in a day Knowing these statistics, Facebook is too big ignore isn’t? if you are still not convinced, Here are 10 reasons why Every Business should use Facebook Facebook has the largest reach compared to any social media platform It provides increased exposure and visibility for your business Facebook allows your customers to connect to your business and promote the brand for you It drives potential users to your website, increasing the web traffic Managing Facebook page is easy and even measurable Facebook is the best substitute for a website, in the cases where you can’t afford the website. Facebook apps provides different ways for your business to grow Facebook ads allows your business to target the right audience and also advertise your business to potential users Mobile targeting is made easy with Facebook Facebook insights allows you to monitor your business performance and work accordingly On top of all, Facebook is Free. Nothing is better than free marketing platforms right? If your business doesn’t have a Facebook Page, create a Facebook page today and start interacting with your customers. Share your views on Facebook marketing in the comment section below.

Big data is no longer a war between batch and streaming data processing. Getting data from disparate data stores and running analytics on them in real-time is a huge technological challenge. Cracking this data federation problem has become a Holy Grail of sorts. Cracking this data federation problem has become a Holy Grail of sorts. And while there are two primary approaches to cracking this problem today, a third has emerged that just might offer the most promise. One of the ongoing barriers to greater big data adoption is the complexity of the associated software. The industry really needs to tackle this, offering end users the ability to query whatever data they want, wherever it is, no matter what format, and all without going through IT. Which is mostly impossible today. There are two general approaches used for data federation, both with their strengths and weaknesses. Database-Centric approach This first database-centric approach, is used by relational database (RDBMS) vendors like Teradata (QueryGrid) and IBM (FluidQuery) or by specialty technologies like the former Composite Software. Read Also: The 4 T’s for Big Data Success [Infographic] One of the biggest problems with such database-centric tools is that they’re geared for DBA-type users, not business users and analysts. Further, these tools generally do not cover all types of big data. Most were designed for data that fits into tables and columns, but search, streams, and semi-structured or unstructured data (for which NoSQL databases are well-suited) do not necessarily fit as well. In addition, performance can sometimes be an issue when attempting to perform speed-of-thought analytics on a traditionally-federated source. Query Tool-Centric approach The query tool-centric approach, is used by Tableau, Qlik, and others. These technologies do allow end users to mashup multiple sources, but they may not scale to big data volumes, as data is mashed up often on the user’s desktop computer or web browser rather than in a scalable big data backend like Apache Spark. And again, they were not really designed for the variety of big data sources and for anything beyond fairly trivial low-cardinality mashups. IBM’s machine-learning crystal ball can foresee renewable energy availability The New Kid On The Block The New approach to Data federation is coming from Zoomdata, who just announced its Fusion product, with an early access program to give companies a taste. Zoomdata claims Fusion can make multiple data sources appear as one source without moving or transforming data. If it works as advertised, this would allow a business user to define a fused data source without waiting for a data architect to set it up ahead of time. Without resorting to a command line, Fusion is exposed as a simple drag-and-drop user interface that hides the underlying Spark-based infrastructure that combines datasets in ways hitherto impossible.While interesting in itself, the real power comes from Zoomdata’s ability to push as much as the processing to each underlying data platform as possible, based on the capabilities and performance profile of those systems, and use Spark to do the rest of the work that can’t or shouldn’t be pushed down.The Scientific Method is a Scientific Idea that is Ready for Retirement That’s really why this technology never really worked well before, since no one knows exactly the right questions to ask ahead of time, plus it was often really slow to actually run federated queries. The Zoomdata approach is the exact opposite. It allows users to hook up their own data and run queries with fast results. That ability to truly iterate on big data—historical AND real-time data, enterprise, and cloud data—can be transformative to a company.