10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Facebook SOCIAL MEDIA 10 Reasons Why Every Business Should Use Facebook 2 NOV , 2015 A few years back, business will not have needed any social media presence to interact with the customers and showcase their services, but now it is Vital. Any business should consider Social Media has potential platforms to pitch their business and increase the branding. There are certain important Social Media platforms that have to be taken into consideration, in which Facebook can’t be ignored. Facebook is having the most potential market and day by day competition is increasing and also becoming difficult to stand out from the crowd. If your business is still not present on Facebook, don’t think much and take an action. Some of the business owners still think how Facebook can benefit them. Following statistics would state the importance of Facebook for every business. Worldwide, there are over 1.49 billion monthly active users 1.31 billion active mobile users 4.5 billion Likes are generated every day 968 million people login to Facebook daily Average time spent for every visit on Facebook is 20 minutes 300 million photos are uploaded per day Smartphone users check Facebook for about 14 times in a day Knowing these statistics, Facebook is too big ignore isn’t? if you are still not convinced, Here are 10 reasons why Every Business should use Facebook Facebook has the largest reach compared to any social media platform It provides increased exposure and visibility for your business Facebook allows your customers to connect to your business and promote the brand for you It drives potential users to your website, increasing the web traffic Managing Facebook page is easy and even measurable Facebook is the best substitute for a website, in the cases where you can’t afford the website. Facebook apps provides different ways for your business to grow Facebook ads allows your business to target the right audience and also advertise your business to potential users Mobile targeting is made easy with Facebook Facebook insights allows you to monitor your business performance and work accordingly On top of all, Facebook is Free. Nothing is better than free marketing platforms right? If your business doesn’t have a Facebook Page, create a Facebook page today and start interacting with your customers. Share your views on Facebook marketing in the comment section below.

Your business is mind your business ?think againg
Your business is mind your business ?think againg

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