How to Build a Solid Reputation on Amazon


When you first start selling on Amazon, it can be hard to get known as someone who has quality merchandise. But, it won’t take more than a couple of purchases to turn that around. Here’s how to build a solid reputation.

Describe Products Completely

Sometimes one of the problems with a less than good review has to do with the fact that you didn’t describe the product fully and completely. Those made the buyer expect something else. Do a really good job in the space provided and with the pictures you upload to give more information rather than less information.

Ship on Time

If you’re in charge of shipping the item, ship it sooner rather than later. Even if you have 48 hours to ship to be in agreement with the terms of service, try shipping it the day you get the order when possible.

Handle Returns with Grace

When someone returns an item, don’t take it personally. If it can be restocked then it will sell to someone else; if not, then take the loss and move on. Returns don’t always mean the product was bad, but do pay attention to the reasons given. If you have an issue with supply you may want to check that out.

Blog about Your Products

You can help drive traffic and discussion about your image and products to help boost the awareness of your brand and what you do. This works especially well if you’re a merchant rather than a reseller. You may have private labeled something or you may have actually manufactured and developed something. But you can blog even if you are a reseller, finding sales at retail stores to sell FBA.

Get Busy on Social Media

When you list new items for sell, don’t be shy about telling people, including family and friends. You never know when someone will need what you’re offering. If no one knows about your offerings then no one will click through and buy. So do tell people; just do it in a friendly, informational way.

Develop Your Personal Brand

Even as a reseller you can develop a personal brand based on the name of your business. If you’re a reseller, you can promote the ideals that you’ll only list items in fabulous condition at a fair price. Or if you have your own business as a manufacturer, you can build that brand identity from scratch.

Don’t Break the TOS

Amazon has strict guidelines that you must follow. Make it a habit to reread the TOS anytime you’re unsure. Don’t trust others to tell you what the TOS says. Reread it any time you’re doing something new or any time you’re informed of a change. If you’re unsure of what something means, go to the source.

Keep Your Store Stocked

If you want to make X amount of money, then you’ll need to keep your store stocked with X amount of inventory. Let’s say that you make an average of 25 dollar profit on every item you stock. If you want to make $3000 a month you’ll need to sell 120 of them each month, or 4 per day. If you’re not stocking enough to make those sales, you can’t earn what you want to earn.

Building a reputation on Amazon is something you can accomplish even if you’re sourcing someone else’s products. You just have to give the best service, answer questions fast, and be there for your customers.

Thank you

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